Mansi Satyarthi
4 min readMar 4, 2021

Have you ever had period cramps so bad you wanted to kill every moving thing in your periphery?

UX case study- NuaWoman (March 2021)

Dreamland where period doesn’t exist

Today I am going to be doing a case study on NuaWoman, It’s an organization that dedicates its work towards making biodegradable sanitary pads for women.

The reason I chose to do a case study on their website is that I believe in their cause, I never thought something I dread so much could be turned into something so comfortable.

Good User Experience

  1. The color palette is composed of muted colors which has a soothing effect. Upon taking the color theory and its psychological effects into consideration, the color palate inspires calmness and a sense of comfort. The colors are consistent throughout all the products of the brand and hence, make it recognizable.
Image 1- Homepage of NuaWoman

2. The website has a very minimalist design following the Aesthetic and minimalist design heuristic which helps eliminate any irrelevant information.

3. A shopping cart option is present which adds the pack of pads you ordered, upon further exploring, it presents an option to add or remove the other two products being sold by the brand, this adds to the Match between the user and real-world heuristic. Another heuristic observed here was the Flexibility and efficiency of use, as the website allows users to make a customized pack of pads according to their period needs.

Image 2- Check-out cart option of NuaWoman

4. Adding the “remove” and “edit”, — and + button (as can be spotted in the above image) presents the User control and freedom heuristic which makes it very easy to add or remove things according to wish and need.

Image 3- Sorry for the TMI on my period date! Feel free to send me chocolates though

5. One of the most useful features on the website is the period tracking option. It allows users to make the decision of buying a pad without having to keep track of their period.

6. Recognition over Recall, this heuristic can be noticed in Image 3, wherein the options to reach out to all the products is always in sight no matter which product the user is browsing. An arrow pointer converts into a hand icon over options that are clickable and can be further explored, presenting the Visibility of system status heuristic.

7. Lastly, when going ahead with the payment, the option of a QR code is presented to make the UPI payment seamless and hassle-free. This is the only website where I have seen this feature.

Image 4- QR code option for UPI payment

Business Benefits

  1. The brand promotes sustainability by making and marketing products that are biodegradable, helping decrease the rate of infections, promoting of menstrual hygiene and these products are free from any animal ingredient.
  2. The brand has a feature of “Nua Plan” which allows you to make a pack of pads which is sent to users every month, this is very beneficial for the business and the user too, as they don’t have to remember to buy a pack every month.
  3. The brand is active on the social media platform, Instagram. They have a lot of followers, post regularly, add customer feedbacks to their stories, run ads and promotions. This helps the brand reach out to a lot of audiences and organic followers.
Image 5- Instagram page of NuaWoman

Ways the brand can attract more Audience

Yaha paawri ho rahi hai
  1. Introduce the option of one box with the capacity to hold more pads than just the current capacity of 12 pads (feature being used by PeeSafe).
  2. Variants such as pads with or without disposal bags ( being implemented by brand- Azah), maternity pads, panty-liners, roll-ons could help reach a wider audience ( variety of products launched by PeeSafe)
  3. Providing offers for 1st-time users may help them reach an audience that is willing to try the brand in the first place.
  4. Taking their motto of sustainability forward, they could roll out products such as menstrual cups, biodegradable tampons ( as being marketed by PeeSafe).
  5. An option to buy combos or gift a combo for someone else might be something to enhance user experience and engagement (being practiced by PeeSafe).
  6. To attract a gender-neutral audience, products such as intimate wash and wipes for men and women could be brought into play.
  7. Post-covid, a lot of us have started being extremely careful of what we touch and where we go, hence, a series of sprays/disinfectants, masks, sanitizers could minimize the risk of infections and henceforth, attract a lot of audiences.
  8. Lastly, adding an option “Are you sure?” when a user is emptying their cart might reduce Error Prevention and save the user hassle of going back and customizing their pack again.
Main chali kawua biryani khane, byiiieeeee