Zomato- UX research Case Study ( March 2021)

Mansi Satyarthi
4 min readMar 24, 2021


This is gonna be a real Pizza work!

Source- Google images

We all love food, don’t we? So, This project is going to be on Zomato. One of India’s foremost food delivering apps.

  1. Gestalt’s law of Common region can be seen through categories such as different offers being offered, restaurants previously ordered from, various cuisines, etc, Makes it easier to categorize and browse. This also follows Recognition over recall heuristic.
  2. All the Bookmarked restaurants are available right on top, which makes it very convenient to order.
  3. The law of Proximity can also be seen throughout the app, helps users scan content faster and accomplish their goals much more efficiently.
  4. Underneath every restaurant, the approximate amount of time for the food to reach you and the amount of offer on the food is displayed, which shows Visibility of system status and user control and freedom heuristic.

5. The discounts are visible in a different font to attract the user’s attention.

6. In between changing options, small fun facts related to food are provided to the user, keeps the user engaged.

7. While ordering food from a previously ordered restaurant, the previous order is displayed, this added to the recognition over recall heuristic, the user doesn’t have to remember what they ordered last time.

8. While ordering food, discounts are displayed in different colors to attract attention and easier for the user to apply as well.

9. Visual anchors are present in the form of arrows and +,- options to help guide users on what to do next.

10. Terms like Menu, Cuisines, Place Order, and Cart are added to express the Match between system and real-world, consistency, and standards heuristic.

11. The Menu is divided into various categories such as Recommended, main course, combos, beverages, etc to make it easier for the user to browse and saves his time as well.

12. The Veg, Non-Veg, and a search option are available as well, this heuristic gives the user flexibility and makes the app efficient to use.

13. User has the option to change the address, the payment method, minimize or maximize the quantity of the order which gives the user control and flexibility over their orders, makes their experience easier, and helps recover from errors.

14. Confirmation Bias through the Place Order option helps confirm desirable items.

15. The use of Juxtaposition can be observed through the option of exploring dessert options or the option of adding a coke with a coke.

16. In the Tip option, the Center- Stage effect is displayed which makes it easier for users to directly use the middle option.

17. Options such as Cooking instructions, a personalized message, and voice directions give the user the option to customize the order as they like, to show affection and gratitude when ordering for someone else, and help the rider reach the user’s location much faster. It all adds to the human experience of the client.

18. The rider’s status is visible through the map from the restaurant to the user’s home, represents the Match between system and real-world heuristic.

19. The rider’s Temperature, hygiene status of the restaurants are displayed throughout to make the users feel safer during the current pandemic.

20. Another human element is added by providing users with the rider’s name, the languages he/she is fluent in, rider’s contact information. It gives the user more control over their entire process.

21. From the moment an order is placed till the order has reached the client, the user is provided with all the updates which adds to the visibility of the system status heuristic.

22. User has the option to cancel their order for sometime after placing their option using the heuristic of recognizing, diagnosing, and recovering from errors.

23. The entire app has limited colors such as red, white, black, and blue which eliminate distractions and keeps the user focused on the task they want to accomplish.

24. The heuristic of Help and documentation is practiced in the app through the option of contacting customer support.

It’s 12:40 am, I have just finished this project and I think I might order something from Zomato now :D